Cold seal packaging is a process used for packaging products such as food products and medical products. This kind of packaging only uses pressure to seal products without heat or with minimal heat.

Without the use of heat for packaging, this process is energy efficient. Products will also be free of problems like discoloration or deformation from heat.

This process uses natural rubber latex as its main component. Natural rubber latex is what provides the cohesive feature. This latex is combined with proprietary synthetic emulsion to give that high-performance sealing.

Some Advantages of Cold Sealing

Cold sealing provides an unyielding seal. This means that products that are sealed are less likely to be contaminated since the seal is tight. This seal is also resistant to moisture hence the product will remain as fresh as it was during packaging for a long time.

The process of cold seal packaging is a quick process. This means that more packages can be sealed by few operators.

The process is also known for reducing reject wastes, ghosting, streaking, and foaming. Machine startup time is eliminated so that processing will be faster and efficient.

cold sealing

As noted above, the process of cold sealing do not use any heat; this makes the packaging machines more energy efficient. Without the use of heat for the packaging process, this will eliminate any undesirable effects that might occur on the final result.


Effects such as discoloration, curling, or distortion of thermoformed parts are minimized by this process.

This kind of packaging was designed to improve efficiency across all stages of operations.

The cold seal coatings are equipped with a visual indicator that enables pattern registration. This eliminates the process of using dyes or pigments that may have some adverse effects.


Cold seal technology uses a special coating that will only stick to each other and almost nothing else. Using this anti-blocking system, it gives the seal a lower cling to other surfaces and a smoother unwind release for easy usage.

Using this smart logic, seals are more consistent and stronger, and this provides high-quality seals for the products.

Cold seal packaging has been commonly used to seal products that require high standards of hygiene and other safety measures. Some of the products that utilize cold seal packaging include food and medical products.

Food Packaging

This kind of technology is used to package foodstuff like baked food or frozen food that require different types and sizes of packages. While packaging food products, rubber-based adhesives are the best option to use because they are robust and consistent.

Hermetically sealed packages, such as cereal bars, granola bars, and coffee packaging, will have a special coating that is specially designed to meet the safety standards of the products.

Medical Packaging

For this kind of products, a non-allergenic, water-based acrylic synthetic is used for packaging. The packaging materials are specially designed to endure the harshness of the medical packaging industry.

These seal coatings can also be used specifically to seal serializable and non-serializable wraps that are used on bandages and other medical equipment.

Cold seal technology comes in three forms that include synthetic rubber adhesive, water-based adhesive, and rubber adhesive. Each of the types is designed to meet specific standards.