Signvec manufactures engraving materials that you can get in a wide variety of color, thickness and finishing options which you may find to experiment with the color of the engraving when using engraving equipments.

There are a number of approaches you can take and the three most popular coloring methods for using engraving equipment are oxidizing, paint stick and paint filling.

Oxidizing uses a mild acid to blacken the engraving performed on brass or aluminum.

engraving plate

Using on Metal

Since the oxidizing is not selected on where it works on the engraving equipment, it can be used only on metals that already have some kind of coating which is already removed through the engraving process.

Brass has a lacquer coating or a similar finish and the aluminum is usually coated with lacquer or it can be anodized. Remove those finishes with engraving equipment which has diamond graver, burnishing or rotary cutter by which you can blacken the exposed areas with the oxidation solution without affecting the other areas of the plate.

Shave a Paint Stick

You just start by shaving the end of the paint stick to remove the skin on it, then rub the stick across the engraving as if using the crayon until all the letters are filled, wipe off the excess paint with a paper towel as well.

Both alcohol and paint thinner work well in removing any excess film that does not wipe away easily, but you will find it much easier to let the paint dry overnight and later wash it with warm water. Paint sticks are convenient and durable, but they don’t have smooth gloss that you’ll get from actual paint.

engraving metal


Paint filling offers the best options for coloring the work of engraving equipment when it comes to materials, colors and applications. Metals and rigid plastics generally work best with fast-drying, oil based enamel with mineral spirits for cleaning.

Soft plastics and other materials may be damaged by caustic solvents, but latex or acrylic paints work best with alcohol or water used for cleanup. Aside from the paint, you will also need a brush, an old phone book or newspaper and stiff pieces of tough paper closer to the size and weight of your average business card.

Smooth Engraving

Always make sure that the engraving is smooth, burr free and have enough depth in holding the paint. When using engraving equipments, you’ll require coloring options. The right method depends on the material and depth of the paint.

Coloring gives the engraver more to work during the creation of an attractive sign with eye catching lettering and it is always best to have options.