Packaging facilities all over are known for using Yamato packaging machines. These machines come in a wide variety, and they also have a lot of options that make customizing them perfect for weighing various products. Some of Yamato’s most popular packaging includes combination scales, check weighing scales, and food service scales.


However, these are not the only machines that they are able to provide for their clients. The following are Yamato packaging machines that are used for high performance packaging.

Platform Scales

Platform scales are on of Yamato’s most popular packaging machines that are commonly used in various industries. A lot of their platform scales are made of stainless steel, which makes them splash-proof.

These are excellent for companies that package any sort of liquids. Most of the time, Yamato platform scales are combined with mezzanines. Combining these two things together can form a complete packaging system.

Washdown Scales

Currently, washdown scales are another example of a common type of scale that is produced by Yamato. Unlike some of their other scales, these scales are always made from stainless steel.

Used packaging equipment companies can use these scales for a variety of functions, and because of how they are made, washdown scales are intended to be used by companies that have harsh washdown environments, meaning they can exposed to a lot of water.

Most of these scales also have an LCD display that has annunciations that make them easier to use.

Combination Weigher Scales

These scales are designed for a variety of functions. Some companies use them for counting, mixing, and blending various substances. These types of scales are usually combined with HFFS or VFFS packaging equipment.

yamato machine

By doing this, companies can effectively increase the efficiency of their production lines. Yamato has a few different combination weigher scales available for purchase.

Some of their most popular systems are the Dataweigh Omega, the Alpha series, and the Sigma series. A lot of packaging facilities use these scales because they are versatile. They can be used regardless if the environment is a non-washdown or washdown environment.

Other Scales

Yamato does not believe if restricting their abilities. Below is a short list of the other types of scales that they manufacture for the benefit of their industrial customers.

  • Kitchen Scales
  • Baby Scales
  • Food Service Scales
  • Digital Scales
  • Hanging Scales
  • Bench Scales
  • Legal or Trade Scales

About Yamato

Yamato use to be its own division in another company, Kawanishi Machinery Co., LTD, that originated in Japan. However, in 1945, Yamato split from the company and became a leading industry leader in manufacturing weighing systems and equipment. In 1969, they began manufacturing their first digital electronic scales, and since then, they have continued to improve the innovation of their machines making them better for their customers.

Purchasing Yamato packaging equipment is guaranteed to help the efficiency of their customer’s production lines, making their over systems run smoothly. If your company needs a packaging machine system, you can request a quote on any of our systems from our website for free.